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Our Staff

Staff Selection Process

All of our staff are thoroughly vetted by Lulu's Lullaby's hiring process which ensures we hire the most qualified staff with a willingness  to grow, attend training sessions to enhance their knowledge and skills when caring for your children as well have a kind loving spirit. Each teacher is also submitted to five different background checks by the State of Ohio to ensure that only safe well qualified teachers are instructing your children. 

We are also working to become a 5 Star Step Up to Quality Center and are hoping to have our First Star in 2019. The Step Up to Quality process and qualification also requires that all staff be highly trained and well qualified to obtain the state certification.


Luzman (Lulu) Farah

Lulu is the Owner and Director of Lulu's Lullaby. She has been working in the childcare field and managing centers for the last 9 years. She is very excited to have the chance to open a center that serves Champaign County. 

Lulu is our Center Director.

Cynthia MacPherson

Cynthia was one of our first employees and has years of experience in the childcare field. She moved here from Florida where she obtained many state certifications and has a true passion for caring for children. 

Cynthia is our Infant and Toddler Teacher.

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